Bugs ReportΒΆ

Those are the basic elements of a good bug report:
  1. Always search the bug database first

    MantisBT: bug tracking system for "Web Archiving Bucket"
    FlySpray: bug tracking system for “Web Archiving Bucket”
  2. You need to tell us exactly what you did:
    for example, “my program using WSDK call wsdk_uuid:v5/1 ...),
    what you expected to have happen (to continue the example,
    “I expected v5 generated UUID and what actually happened is ...”)
  3. Don’t report bugs about old versions

  4. Only report one problem in each bug report

  5. If you don’t understand an error message, ask for help

    "Web Archiving Bucket" mailing list
    “Web Archiving Bucket” mailing list